Keynote Speakers


Chris and Nik NikicChris Nikic set a world record by being the first person with Down Syndrome to complete a 140.6-mile Ironman. His mission is to inspire others with similar experiences to pursue their dreams and goals. His greatest achievement is displaying to others how to shift your focus from perceived disabilities to abilities. He uses this shift in perspective to pursue his dreams with an unwavering tenacity, a positive attitude and no-quit grit that can help anyone achieve their goals. Chris Nikic completed the Boston, New York City, Tokyo and Disney marathons, 140.6 Finisher and was invited to Ironman Hawaii in 2022. He is a Guinness Book Record holder, Special Olympics Champion Ambassador and appears in the Florida Sports Hall of Fame. Mr. Nikic is also a two-time ESPY award winner, published author and has been honored on many occasions to commemorate his many accomplishments. 

Nik Nikic strives to implement the 1% Better System for sustainable continuous improvement. His greatest coaching endeavor includes teaching his son how to achieve the impossible by getting 1% Better Every Day.